Get Involved!

Our goal at the Charity Day 5K is to completely rethink the traditional business model of the charity 5K. Many excellent organizations have attempted to produce a running event as a fundraiser, but quickly realized the time and expenses involved made it difficult to be profitable. After spending the majority of registration revenue on shirts, awards, marketing materials, a timing/management company, road closures, and police costs there is very little, if any, left for the charity.

On any given weekend there are several running events in close proximity to one another. This makes it more difficult to increase awareness and ultimately raise money for your organization. A high percentage of attendees at your event end up being friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers who already know about and support your cause. We want to change all of that.

The Columbus Charity Day 5K will be a collaborative effort of several charitable organizations running on the same course,  Sunday June 26th, while fundraising for their specific charities. The course will start and finish in the immediate downtown area. We are working with city officials to determine the best route, start, and finish locations.

There are numerous advantages for co-producing an event:

  • By splitting the operating costs of the event it takes less participants  for the Charity Day 5K to be a profitable venture
  • With these reduced costs, even small groups can benefit. A larger event has more buying power for things like shirts and marketing materials. These costs decrease with quantity.
  • With a combined field of participants, it increases your audience to promote your message and get people involved in your organization.
  • Time spent in the past focusing on the operation of the event can now be spent on getting participants to register for your group.
  • Sharing volunteers, packet-pick up space, and a course gives participants a better race experience.
  • The Charity Day 5K will feature a big event atmosphere with entertainment, an energetic start/finish area, and a large post-race celebration.

When there are so many events competing with one another for participants on the same weekend, this approach makes sense. For example, on most weekends you can find six races or more in the area.  If there are six races that each get 150 people, there are 900 people running for a variety of causes but each charity is paying their own expenses. Put those same 900 people on the same course and split the costs of producing the event, and each group makes money and increases awareness. If you take those 900, the 900 that ran the week before, and the 900 from the events on the following weekend, costs have been divided between 18 different groups.

While the Charity Day 5K team produces the event, your organization simply has to focus on getting people to register and promoting your cause. We can also assist you with customized marketing material like postcards, door hangers, and yard signs.

The post-race celebration will be open to all participants, and we want as many organizations involved as possible. Each organization will have a space in the post-race party for organizations to gather and promote their cause.

How does it work?
You will need to register your charitable organization as an official partner of the Charity Day 5K by registering online. Once registered, we will create a web page with a unique link specific to your organization. From there, participants can register through our online registration provider, using the drop-down menu to select your organization as the beneficiary.

How much does it cost?
There is a fee to register your organization as an official partner of the Charity Day 5K. The fee is $250 until 6/1 at which time the fee increases to $300. This fee will help offset the cost of creating your web-page, online registration, and other event production costs. As your participants are registering, the revenue is split 50/50*. The entry fee includes an event shirt, finisher medal, and all post-race amenities for each registrant.

*There is a $4.20 per participant processing fee for registering online and it is not included in the revenue split. For example at $35, $30.80 is the amount split between the organization and the event.

Are there limitations on what groups can participate?
We welcome all registrations for partnership including churches, school groups, and sports teams. Please note, however, that some groups may not be accepted. If your registration is not accepted your registration fee will be refunded.