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So, you want to know about Partnering4Africa, great! Let us tell you all about it and if you do not find the information you are looking for here on this page, then feel free to check us out on our own site: You can contact any of the founders via this site and check out all our cool media posts. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook and Instagram because we like you!

So here is what you should know about us:

Partnering4Africa(P4A) is a non-profit organization, registered 501(c)3, whose mission is to empower our friends in Africa by helping them become self-sustaining in the 4 areas of health, water, education, and agriculture. P4A believes that it takes all 4 components to uplift a community out of the grinding poverty for which they live in. We mostly work in a region called Lugala, Uganda which is about 6 hours from Kampala on Lake Victoria.

We started in 2011 with the foundation of a medical clinic in Lugala, Uganda. Since then we just keep growing (because of great supporters such as yourself)! Here is a brief recap of some of the projects we have done so far that we think are cool:

  1. Health: We have a medical clinic that takes care of upwards of 300 patients per month. We work with three HIV/AIDS support groups (~250 patients) and provide them with free testing and medication. We are starting an outreach program that will provide the community (population of 53,000) with vaccines for the first time ever! We are implementing a women’s empowerment group this summer and will start screening for cervical cancer and breast cancer. To be honest, we are just getting started and there is so much to tell you about!
  2. Water: To date we have built 7 water wells and implemented many fresh water springs. We check on our wells every year and make sure if anything goes wrong they are repaired in a timely fashion. Have no fear- we never abandon a water project!
  3. Education: Yes, it is true, the teachers at the government run schools do not always show up to work (sad face here). No worries though, because P4A stepped in and built a private school called Amazon. We provide an education to 175 students, grades K-3rd. Each year, as the school proves to be self-sustainable, we expand a grade! Because of donors like yourself we provide orphans with the opportunity to go to school and have a lunch program for all our young whipper snappers!
  4. Agriculture: It is not just about growing food- it’s about creating sustainable jobs in the community. We started by providing our HIV/AIDS support group with a chicken farm so that they could sell eggs to pay for their medication. Now we not only have chicken farms but also pig, goat, and oxen farms. Oh, yea- we have fishing farms and tomato farms too!

So now that you know a little bit about who P4A is and what we do, let us hear about you! Feel free to email us to get involved with our projects. We would love to have you aboard. Join our team- not just because we are fun, but because we believe in changing the things in this world that we no longer wish to see!


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