Ohio House Rabbit Rescue

OHRR is currently has a 4,073 square-foot property, spread across 18 rooms of varying sizes. Most of these rooms are used to house adoptable rabbits, which OHRR determined to be enough space for 25 to 30 rabbits in 4-foot-by-4-foot enclosures. This amount of space, which meets House Rabbit Society national standards, provide an excellent environment for the bunnies during their stay at the Adoption Center.

OHRR also has reserved a room for basic veterinary care, an intake room for new rabbits, and two rooms for a rabbit play area. We also have two small kitchens, a laundry room and a combination library and meeting room to host a variety of programs and events.  In the entrance of the building, there is space for a rabbit supply store, which is a great location for rabbit owners and others to buy high-quality supplies and rabbit-oriented materials!

The Ohio House Rabbit Adoption Center is funded through donations, store sales and other rabbit-related services, grants, special fundraising events and partnerships with businesses and organizations.

For additional information please visit the website: http://www.ohiohouserabbitrescue.org/

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