1divineline2health/Free Soles

WHO: Compassionate messengers of 1divineline2health are coming together to inform others about humanitarian efforts operating from a basement and providing remedies to human trafficking, homelessness and developing countries. Children, teens, and adults have become love bombers by gathering clothes, shoes, toiletries, medical supplies and nonperishable food that is then distributed to people in need. The CEO, Esther Flores and “Sole” Sister, Diahann Dahman are both RNs who will be running together on behalf of all the children and people in need around the world. We need you to walk and run in pair. Love is a community and brings freedom. In order to be free from oppression you need someone else to help. Our theme for this 5k is FREE2RUN.

WHAT: We need a warehouse/Love Depot with docks. The Love Depot is a one stop place where love is both tangible and evident in action by the service provided. Imagine having a place where we can store hospital beds instead in someone’s garage. The Love Depot is a collaborative effort with other nonprofits and businesses that have warriors in the trenches who practice the golden rule. We also  need money to pay off the love mobile, fund borehole projects and the shipping of containers to places the CEO endorses. We also have a trademark Free Soles to help our  abroad and local friends to be self sustainable.

WHEN: On July 2 We want you to become a link in our Love Chain to support small nonprofits who daily serve in our local and global communities. You can donate on PayPal via our email 1divineline2health@gmail.com or website http://www.1divineline2health.com/join-donate.  We NEED to STOP having medical supplies going into our landfills from our local hospitals. We need them to have mission departments. Come walk and run on this day two days before independence day and let us have some fun! Meet 120 lbs of fireworks of love.

WHERE: 1divineline2health has a safe house in need of more to continue to help survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.  We need more Love Mobiles to cover the 4 corners to provide food, first aid, toiletries to the sisters of the street and homeless friends and transfer them to detox centers. 1divineline2health internationally serves in villages, national hospitals, and orphanages. Please Join the love warriors who believe Love Heals the Sick and Heals the World.

Thank you,
Diahann & Esther